What is an Acupuncture Treatment like?

A typical session

Bryan taking a clients case

My approach is informal and friendly. I do my best to put you at your ease and reassure you that acupuncture treatment with Bryan is nothing to be afraid of.

Typically when you come for an initial session I will take your address and contact details.

Then I will ask about what brought you to see me and discuss your medical history. Because acupuncture is a treatment based on the individual I also like to talk to you about your life events and how you coped with them.

Assessment and Diagnosis

I next feel the pulses on each wrist. There are three ‘pulse positions’ on each wrist which relate to different channels and different organs in the body. This will give me feedback on how your body is working and which areas are under stress.

Then I take a look at your tongue. The tongue also tells a story about different parts of the body.

I make a preliminary diagnosis from this information and do a treatment based on this diagnosis.

I then begin your acupuncture treatment.  You may feel hardly any sensation or there may be a slight tingling around the needle or a temporary numbness.

During the treatment

Most points that are used are from the elbow to the wrist and knee to ankle so removal of clothing is minimal but other points may need to be used. Bearing this in mind I advise you to wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Doing Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture the needles are mostly in the face but some other points may be used to improve your overall health.

I am always happy to talk with you about what my diagnosis is and your treatment, where I am putting the needles and why.

I always remain in the room with you during your treatment.

I create a calm, safe and comfortable space where you will feel listened to and understood.

All information discussed and treatments are completely confidential.

After the treatment

After the first treatment I make a fuller diagnosis and also base my further treatments on your feedback and my ongoing pulse and tongue observations.

If necessary, with your permission I may talk to your GP or healthcare provider for more information. I also encourage you to tell your GP you are having acupuncture.

You may respond very quickly and need only one or two treatments depending on how serious your conditions are and how long you have had them. You may take longer but that is always discussed, in the beginning and as treatment continues.

Contact me

Please contact me to see how I might be able to help you:

0777 1901 131 or bryan@bryanmelville.co.uk

Locations: Neal’s Yard and Combe Grove in Bath